Honoring our nation's promise to those who served and sacrificed for our freedom.

Doug will work every day to improve the lives of our nation’s veterans and their families. That means creating a 21st century VA that can meet the needs of all veterans – including those in rural communities like Hawai‘i's neighbor islands. As Hawai‘i's voice in Congress, Doug will:

  • Push for seamless sharing of information between the Department of Defense and the VA to improve efficiency, save tax dollars, and enhance patient care.
  • Providing VA the funding it needs to care for all veterans without having to pick winners and losers when it comes to veterans getting the treatment they deserve.
  • Ending veteran homelessness in Hawai‘i and across the nation.
  • Pushing the VA and Pentagon to make its services work for everyone – including women on active duty, in the National Guard and Reserves and women veterans.
  • Champion Veterans' rights and funding for the Tricare Program, mental health care services, and the GI bill.
  • Fight against increasing healthcare costs for veterans.
  • Preserve and honor the promise we have made to all our Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, Veterans, Retirees and their families by fighting against reducing benefits for current retirees. 
  • Fully support programs to help our Veterans, Disabled Veterans, National Guard and Reserves start, grow and retain their businesses.