Investing in public schools to give every child – regardless of their zip code – a chance to get ahead with a quality education.


Doug believes that every student in Hawai‘i deserves access to a quality public education that prepares them to reach their dreams and succeed in the global, 21st-century economy.

As Hawai‘i Attorney General, Doug got loan forgiveness for students who were swindles by for-profit colleges. And he brought two lawsuits against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos DeVos for illegal actions that directly hurt Hawai‘i students.

You can count on Doug to be a champion for Hawai‘i's public schools. He will:

  • Champion more federal funding to reduce class sizes, and give teachers and students the support they need, whether its supplies, training, technology or safe and comfortable facilities.
  • Supporting more tax incentives for educators who pursue public service.
  • Ensuring our teachers earn a paycheck reflective of the life-changing work they do every day.
  • Oppose the diversion of critical resources away from public schools to finance failed experiments like private-school voucher programs and for-profit charter schools.
  • Support universal access to affordable and quality pre-school programs.

Student Debt

The rising tide of student loan debt is one of the defining issues of our time. Doug knows this firsthand – between his parents taking out a second mortgage and student loans, a son of Chinese immigrants was able to graduate from Stanford University. Today, Doug's daughter relies on student loans and a part-time job to attend college in Philadelphia.

As Attorney General, Doug held for-profit colleges and lenders accountable for their unfair treatment of Hawai‘i students by securing loan forgiveness and compensation for affected students.

Doug believes the cost of college should never be a barrier to a brighter future and chasing your dreams shouldn't require taking on a mountain of debt. As Hawai‘i's voice in Congress, Doug will support an across-the-board approach to achieve the important goal of making college available and affordable to every student, including:

  • Free or reduced tuition at public institutions and boosting Pell Grant benefits.
  • Supporting students who are struggling to pay their education loans by expanding programs aimed at keeping loan payments affordable based on a student's income.
  • Allowing the discharge of federal and private loans in bankruptcy proceedings.