Mahalo for your support!

August 12, 2018

Nearly eight months ago, when I announced I was running for Congress, I had much hope. As Hawai‘i's Attorney General, my office had been successful in multiple courts more than once, not just in stopping the Muslim ban, but in leading the way in fighting for DACA individuals, for transgender military service members, and for the environment.

Then in June, the conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Muslim ban and this past Saturday, I came in second in the Democratic primary to a former member of Congress. That's not what I wanted, and yet I can honestly say I have more hope for our future now than I did in 2017. That's because my campaign brought me into contact with hundreds of passionate, dedicated, principled individuals - in Hawai‘i and across the US - who shared in the belief that we could not and would not take our nation and its strengths for granted but must step forward and stand for justice however we could. Though I did not personally advance in 2018, there are many others still fighting for social justice and progressive values who will prevail in Congress and other public offices. Knowing that comforts and inspires me to keep making a difference no matter where I personally land.

I congratulate Ed Case and also acknowledge Beth Fukumoto, Kaniela Ing, Donna Mercado Kim and Ernie Martin for throwing their hats into this race. Kathleen and I are at complete peace with the result. We are proud to have run a professional, clean and positive campaign in 2018. We are even more proud of and grateful for our amazing supporters, people like you who made these past seven and a half months a joy and inspiration. It has been a privilege to work with you.

I am grateful to Kathleen, my daughter Fiona and son Ian, for their unwavering support. I am also thankful to my parents for sacrificing their own pasts to immigrate to America under tough circumstances. They did so because they hoped for a brighter future for their next generation. Mom and Dad, I love you.


Lt. Governor Doug Chin