Karen Korematsu: Send Doug to DC

July 17, 2018



"My father never had a chance to meet Doug, but I have.He would have agreed with me that Doug is exactly the person we need in Congress. We need a leader who can capably represent HI-01 District and Hawai‘i, but also has a vision for an America that we believe in. Doug is that person. You can be assured that Doug will continue the fight for justice, civil liberties, the Constitution and human rights for all in Congress. Doug epitomizes what my father said as someone who, 'Stands Up for What is Right.'" - Karen Korematsu

Fred Korematsu was among the thousands of Japanese Americans who were rounded up and locked in internment camps during World War II. During this shameful time, Japanese Americans were described as "vermin," deemed enemies of the state, and housed in military barracks guarded by armed military officers. Fred Korematsu fought the executive order that stripped Japanese Americans of due process and put them behind bars. His case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but it ruled against him in 1944. 

Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the hateful and wrongly decided Korematsu decision in Hawai‘i v. Trump, led by Doug Chin when he was the Hawai‘i Attorney General.