Donald Trump Wants to Rig the Census

April 13, 2018

Donald Trump wants to undermine our democracy and rig the census.

For more than 200 years, the U.S. Constitution has required our government to count the American people to measure our country's demographics and determine the number of congressional seats in each state and to distribute billions in critical federal funding.

 But Donald Trump just announced that he wants to advance his illegal, anti-immigrant agenda by injecting the question of citizenship into the census. With so much at stake for Hawai‘i and our nation, we need to join together with one voice to reject this discriminatory ploy to undermine our democracy. 

This troubling move is not just a theoretical threat to our fundamental freedoms. Just ask the more than 100,000 Japanese Americans who were identified using census data to be rounded up and sent to internment camps in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack. 

You have stood with me in opposing Trump's travel ban. Now, let's stand together in telling Congress to stop Trump before it is too late.